Brandon L. Atkinson, DMD
Brandon L. Atkinson was born in on February 7, 1970. He and his family lived on a small 20-acre family farm in Western Pennsylvania surrounded by Amish communities. His family of eight sisters and one brother earned their personal expenses and experiences by maintaining ten cemeteries. Besides learning hard work ethic, they also learned how to do the job right each time. Being the oldest boy, Brandon was taught to take charge and be a stickler for perfection with the cemetery lawns. More than once, his dad made the crew go back and get the job right. Brandon learned from his father, Lloyd, to fix it right when they had to go back, but after a few trips back, they learned it was best to do it right the first time.

Brandon met his future wife, Kate Thurmond, while serving in Montana on a church mission. Brandon was an assistant to the President of the Mission, and Kate, his future wife, was working in the mission home as well, building a book dedicated to the mission’s history. They met again after their missions and dated, using Brandon’s 2-ton truck he used in his Amish furniture business while going to undergraduate school at BYU. He proposed to Kate after riding up in knight’s gear on a white horse. They live in Skagit County Washington and have six children, three girls and three boys.

The kids and family are very active in education, church, athletics, service projects, family, and their small farm of cows, chickens, and garden. With their emphasis on family, Brandon and Kate know from experience the challenges of raising children in today’s difficult environment. Brandon is a master from experience in doing things right, working hard, and taking care of every individual in a kind and gentle manner. He believes that each patient is the most important part of his dental practice. The Atkinson staff is laser focused on making the patient feel at home, comfortable, and confident about their care. His team has been voted the #1 Dental Office in Skagit County four years in running (2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014). He maintains a 15-person professional staff that are driven to be the best in dental practices, community contributions, and patient services.


Christopher Wilkinson, DDS

The better part of Dr. Christopher Wilkinson’s adult life has been spent in the dental profession. After graduating high school, he was fortunate enough to obtain an internship as a dental technician. This position eventually enabled him to attend University of Washington, where Dr. Wilkinson studied cell and molecular biology. He then attended Creighton University School of Dentistry, where he graduated in 1997. Dr. Wilkinson is excited to watch his son graduate from the same school in just a couple of years. Dr. Wilkinson feels blessed to be able to practice dentistry in Gig Harbor. He says that beyond the obvious natural beauty and quality of life the community provides, he enjoys building relationships and trust with his patients and their families. It is this interaction with people that attracted him to the dental profession in the first place. When not in the office, Dr. Wilkinson spends most of his time with his amazing wife and their four wonderful, dynamic children. In his “spare” time, when he has it, the doctor enjoys sipping a fine cup of coffee and sticking his nose in a good book.

“The technological advances and innovations in dentistry today are allowing us to provide unparalleled care and treatment to our patients. The ability to provide the ultimate dental services and building relationships with my patients is what I love the most about being a dentist.” – Dr. Wilkinson